Tuesday 24 June 2014

Papillon Breed

Country of origin: France, Belgium.

Size: Small.

Weight: 3-5 kg.

Height: 20-30 Inches.

Color: Bicolor.

Description: It is a small and very well proportioned dog, papillon hair is long and silky smooth, very easy to care for. The most striking feature of this breed are its erect furry ears with form butterfly.

Breed papillon is gentle character, affectionate and protective. They are ideal as pets. They Love the games especially if they are outdoors. They are excellent watchdogs.

You can adopt dogs papillon in Australia.

Other breeds of dogs; Great Dane, English greyhound

Monday 9 June 2014

Canada has become a second chance for abandoned dogs in the world

During the past 10 years Canada has imported many the world stray dogs and given them a home. 

Citizens of Canada can consult websites animal adoption worldwide and because Canadian law can take these dogs to Canada without much trouble. 

An example of this awareness in Canada happened during Hurricane Katrina where over 15,000 dogs and cats was left to fend, a campaign was launched in Canada able to place many of these animals with Canadian families 

Refer in to the above map the availability of adult dogs and puppies for adopt. 

Friday 6 June 2014

Great Dane

Country of origin: Germany.
Size: Large.
Weight: 70-100 lbs.
Color: Merle, black, blue, boston, fawn, brindle.
Features:  It is a loving, loyal and sociable dog, loves being surrounded by family and coexists perfectly with children. They need to be trained from an early age to control their strength and mark from the beginning what your place in the family, so training should be constant, conscious and responsible. They need daily walks but not subjected to great efforts, avoid sudden temperature changes.  It is a large but elegant and physically gifted dog, short, shiny and thick hair. The head is long and rectangular. The eyes are large and almond. Mundimascota Canada

It is a dog that requires a lot of care and maintenance is very expensive, you have to take this into account before purchasing one.

Friday 30 May 2014

English greyhound

  • Country of origin: It is uncertain but possibly Middle Eastern or Spain.
  • Weight: From 27-40 kilograms
  • Height: from 68-76 inches
  • Colors: White, gray, red, black, among other colors which may appear alone or in combinations. 

  • Features: English Greyhound are athletic, noble and quiet dogs.  But what is especially prominent is your speed. Greyhounds were historically considered a unique race of kings and nobles for their delicate, obedient and affectionate. The hunting instinct has so developed that combined with its speed are perfect for hunting. They are perfectly suited to family life and coexistence with other animals, but for an adult greyhound is healthy and balanced requires at least 20-30 minutes a day of walking. www.puppiesca.com


Friday 23 May 2014

Diesel alaskan malamute and staffordshire bull terrier


  • Breed: alaskan malamute and staffordshire bull terrier 
  • Gender: Male 
  • Size: Large 
  • Age: Adult, 1 year and 10 months or so 
  • Location: Dakabin 
  • Contact Number: 0734806450 
 Diesel is a sweet, friendly and very active dog, need long walks to burn all the energy you have. It is also very playful and loves to chase the ball. If you think you're the right person for this dog contact us, please note that no animals are reserved by phone. More information


Monday 12 May 2014

Dogs abandoned in australia

In Australia 500,000 pets are abandoned, to solve this problem found a solution that are proving successful. A law was passed in favor of the animals that punishable by jail and fines on important economic people abandon animals. Fines can be up to $ 100,000 and jail sentences of up to 5 years depending on the state in which you are.

Among the abandoned animals top the list followed by cats, the reasons that Australians have for  abandon animals; change of residence, economic problems, divorce ..

In Australia making strong campaigns to creating quality shelters, mobile adoption centers, sterilization programs and effective behavior modification of animals.

Some animal shelters; Australian Animal protection society, RSPCA