Monday 23 May 2022

Health and Grooming of your Silky

Health and Grooming of your Silky is of up most importance.  It is necessary to keep your Silky current on all shots, vaccinations, heartworm treatments, free of parasites and annual health checkups.

Grooming is also very necessary for your Silky’s comfort.  Who wants to go around with matted, dirty hair!!  Makes your skin itch and crawl and no one will hold you or sleep with you!  By clicking on Grooming you can go to some basic grooming information.

We are very fortunate in that the Silky, as a breed, is a very healthy one.  We do not have much in the way of inherited illnesses or problems but there are a few things we need to be watchful for and in breeding our Silkys we certainly want to try to KEEP our breed free of serious problems.  One way to do that is to keep records of health problems.  Sometimes a slight lean towards a problem can be nipped in the bud if noticed early on.

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