Wednesday 18 May 2022

Australian Silky Terrier

Silky terrier is one of the few Breeds that do not cast its coat. The coat of the dog does not usually reach the floor so the care after it is much easier than the care after the Yorkshire terrier coat. Silky terriers do not require top-knots and the use of curlpapers. Hair on the head does not bother dog while eating.

Silky terrier and Yorkshire terrier are the two absolutely different breeds!!!

Silky terrier is very active dog and adores walking, though it can be easily taught to a fully in-side house life.

Australian silky terrier needs to be groomed periodically. According to the standards of the breed silky terrier has to be long-coated. Some people prefer short-coated doggies or cut hair of their pets.

Australian silky terrier is a breed that does not cause allergy!

Dirty and dry coat must not be combed!

It is necessary to put conditioner or other antistatic components on the comb beforehand.

Australian Silky Terrier is a small companion that adores being in the middle of attention and action.

Silky terrier can be characterized as very smart, brave and always ready to action. They are much socialized, energetic and in good mood. They are ready to any action that will bring happiness to his owner. Silky terriers are very curious, active and quick. The hunting instinct is highly developed. Despite the sizes of the dog they are good at guarding.

The dog is very compact and friendly and enjoys travelling and hunt. Silky terriers are intelligent and learn quickly. Are friendly towards all family members and like to be in company. They can live together with other animals, like children and attention. The dog is of truly terrier character and can easily be prepared to compete in dog shows.

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