Tuesday 3 May 2022


Q: When you have the first look at the line of dogs what is the first that catches your eye?
A: When the dogs walk in and as soon as soon as they start lining up, you immediately see the one which is gone attract your eyes. It’s the look of the dog itself which tells you.

Q: Well, how you mean, the eyes or general..?
A: No, general appearance and movements and the character of the dog, it shows off immediately.

Q: How far do you think it should be- the quality of the showmanship, the quality of the presentation of the dog- should be taken into account?
A: I would say first of all, a good judge always look for the quality of the dog regarding the confirmation. And they begin to look for the confirmation and the movement of the dog, than they can start examining quality of the dog and than they can compare those two and weigh it up together. That’s my theory and that’s my experience in judging dogs.

Q: And the presentation itself?
A: Presentation helps very much, and if the dog is presented well and shown well. But the dog you are going to present has to be a good quality regarding confirmation and good looks that is half the battle, and the old saying is the half of the battle is when you are showing a dog if the dog has the quality than you are there all the way trough. The personality helps, and than you can present the dog better, but if the personality is not there and the confirmation is not there you are not gone make that dog look presentable.

Q: And what do you relay most on…
A: I can’t hear you, I’m sorry.

Q: Sorry, what do you trust the most, visual examination or touching?
A: I think you got to touch them, you got to examine them to know the inner points, and than once you see the dog moving you get more ideas. So those are both important, but the most important is the one when you start judging the dog on the table.

Q: What would you say is your ideal champion?
A: I’m afraid that is another question I would say I would go for, because ideal champion, we all bred well known champions, we look for perfection, but I feel nobody has been able to success yet completely. So ideal champion is a useless word for me.

Q: But what are the main characteristics in a dog?
A: The characteristics, they should have the terrier characteristics in them which is very naughty, full of life and they want to be a type that like to show off.

Q: And what is the worst faults when you watch a dog, what immediately tells you that the dog has faults?
A: Well, when you are watching as a judge you examine the dog and even if you are not judging any other dogs, even if you watch the dog on the street you will know the faults if there is something wrong with the movement and than you realize that something is not correct. And than examining them on the table you get all the other ideas regarding the bites and the bone structure so that should help you with the reply.

Q: And this is a question of your activities as a judge. What is your reaction when you know that you in the ring has very well known champions who won a lot. Are you influenced by that?
A: No, you have to wait when the dog walks in and you judge and give your honest own opinion, because everybody doesn’t like the same dog, we all have to like different things so one doesn’t go by the fame of the dog. What should be taken into consideration that sometimes you may get a young coming up dog who would beat this famous dog quite easily.

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