Tuesday 10 May 2022

Such people as these are the backbone of the breed

Gerald Warren was brought up in a doggy household where his family had as many as fifty Wire Fox Terriers, a couple of Greyhounds and the odd Cocker Spaniel.

In 1947 Gerald swapped a Cocker for his first Bullmastiff brindle bitch and joined the Southern Bullmastiff Society in 1948.

Before he was married, Gerald owned about 28 Bullmastiffs and on meeting Doris said he had finally found a big woman who would be able to handle his dogs! They were married in 1966 having found a mutually free Saturday between dog shows. The birth of their son Bill followed in 1967.

In 1970 Doris and Gerald bred their most successful bullmastiff for the show ring. Ch Copperfield Sarah Pocket was awarded 16 CC's in total and 11 of them were gained in one year. Sarah was classed by the many who judged her as one of the "truly great bitches in the breed".

Copperfield has continued to run successfully for the past fifty five years. We have produced over fifty champions world-wide and our dogs have formed the basis for many of today's most successful kennels.

All our dogs are part of a selective and carefully planned breeding programme and we are proud to admit that we have a maximum of two litters each year, although the norm is only one.

Through the careful study and research of pedigrees we successfully breed sound, active and friendly dogs that are true to bullmastiff type. Because no one has yet bred the perfect bullmastiff and probably never will, we are constantly striving to improve our dogs. We believe in being totally honest with ourselves and don't credit our dogs with virtues that they don't have.

Having over fifty years experience with Bullmastiffs does have it's plus points. We have an in depth knowledge of lines going back over twenty generations. This helps us to avoid hereditary defects and pin point the strongest attributes of dogs from the past.

When using an outcross which is always necessary even in the strongest lines, we spend at least twelve months studying the backgrounds and progeny of our potential stud dog. Stud dogs are chosen to complement our bitches, our decision is never based on how well a dog is doing in the show ring nor how many people are using him at the time!

Puppies are occasionally available but please be prepared to be patient. Mediocre can be bought tomorrow, quality takes a little more time.

Our dogs are available at stud both in the UK and overseas. Please be aware that we will want to see the bitch's pedigree and will endeavour to match a dog to your bitch, regardless of whether we own it or not!

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