Tuesday 15 February 2022


VON EVMAN ROTTWEILERS is located on a 11 acre property just north of Tampa, Florida. When you visit our property you will walk through our beautiful Oriental Bonsai Gardens. In the back of the property is our home and the beautiful dog facility shaded by large oak and fruit trees overlooking a 7 acre lake.

At VON EVMAN ROTTWEILERS our goal in breeding is to always strive to BETTER THE BREED. In other words, to produce a litter which is uniform in looks, size, and temperament. This does not occur by accident. Sometimes luck does enter into the picture and a beautiful dog is produced by two inferior parents. But this is nothing more than luck and will not be repeated by breeding this individual. The only way this can be done with any predictable consistency is by extensive knowledge of at least five generations in the pedigree of the Dam and Sire of your planned breeding. It is also of great importance to have as much knowledge as possible on the litter-mates of your Dam and Sire. Such information should include temperament, size, weight, structure, movement, bite, hips, elbows, eye certification, thyroid functioning, and any titles attained in conformation and working.

After gathering this information, some honest decisions based on these facts must be made. We start off by making a list of what faults the Dam has which we want to correct. Remember, a good breeder is a realistic breeder. All dogs have faults. Once you have listed the faults in the Dam, try and trace them back to which ancestor or ancestors they came from. Do the same for the Sire.

Now comes the MOST IMPORTANT question. "Will breeding this Dam to this Sire produce offspring that have less faults than their parents?" If so, then you will have a good breeding... If not, then you have nothing but trouble.

The next question to be answered is where do these great looking, genetically matched, parents come from? They can be produced over a long period of time following the above mentioned methods or you cam import dogs that will fit into your breeding program. In our particular case, we have used a combination of breeding within our own program and importing dogs to compliment our program.

Our breeding program began in the early 1980's. We studied the German ADRK Stud Book for many years before we purchased any dogs. We saw that dogs which did most of the winning in both conformation and working shows were out of IVES EULENSPIEGEL bred to BENNO vom ALLGAUER TOR. So we looked for our foundation stock based on IVES on the Sire's side and BENNO on the Dam's side. AMBOSS vom KONIGSSIEK was purchased because his mother LUCY von HOHENHAMELN, was a BENNO vom ALLGAUER TOR daughter and his father, AMBOSS vom SIEBERTAL, was a son of IVES. All of AMBOSS' litter-mates had good hips, good bites, and at two years of age, passed the ZTP., Breed Suitability Tests. Thus, we knew it was a good uniform litter with homogeneous gene pool.

Since breeding, in my opinion, is a lot like chess in that you must be several moves ahead of yourself in order to be successful, once AMBOSS vom KONIGSSIEK was purchased we began to look for another male out of IVES' lineage which would be the son of AMBOSS' mother's sister. That is how we found BENNO von der SCHWARZEN HEIDE. His father was SANTO vom SCHWAIGER WAPPEN, and IVES' grandson and his mother was LAILA vom HOHENHAMELN, a BENNO vom ALLGAUER TOR daughter and sister to AMBOSS' mother. We purchased BENNO at fourteen months of age and brought him to America after he became the World Sieger. Thus, our breeding strategy became breeding AMBOSS daughters to BENNO and BENNO daughters to AMBOSS.

Our next large move has been BIS, Biss Select I, American/Canadian/International Champion CHAMP vom VILSTALER LAND. A BENNO grandson. The reason we made the decision to purchased CHAMP is because we wanted more bone, substance, and size in our line. CHAMP, in himself and his pedigree, brings up these qualities. We can breed both AMBOSS and BENNO daughters all to CHAMP and keep the continuation or our original breeding plan. Thus, we were in a position to take our breeding program into the next generation.

One of our prized possessions was our own born and raised American/Canadian Champion QUIET RIOT VON EVMAN. He combines the genotype of AMBOSS and the best all-around female we have ever owned; American, German Champion GRETEL von der SILBERDISTEL, SchH III, FH, IPO III. Many time V-1 rated at the ADRK Klubsieger Show, Bundessieger Show and throughout the the world.

Our next step to our breeding program was Krikarott JOCKEY vom Blackriesen. We needed a larger rounder head and a slight change in looks of the puppies. We also needed JOCKEY's line to complete the flow of mixing our old boys back into our bloodline by use of frozen semen.

Another important part of our breeding program is the use of frozen semen. We have collect AMBOSS, BENNO, CHAMP, JOCKEY freezing their semen for the past several years. This gives us the ability to add them back into our breeding program whenever we desire to strengthen their traits in our line.

Some advise on importing dogs would be to always import dogs for the right reason-to better your breeding program. You must be very careful in selecting dog imports from. You should only buy dogs from people you have formed a relationship with and know they will help you with any problems which develop. Another way is to establish a relationship with someone in that country who has contacts with breeders and can help you select dogs to fit your needs and help you with your breeding program. Be aware!! Many people have been importing dogs from other countries for mere selling puppy from "imported" parents to receive higher money. Very few countries have the strict standard as the German ADRK Club. Therefore their breeding program is not the quality you should be looking for in a Rottweiler.

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